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Speciality and main fields

• Under its own brand RELATION RH, LPDR Ingénierie is specialised in the integration of recruitment / e-recruitment / job board software.
• In 2014, LPDR Ingénierie has a daily presence with around 600 professional recruitment users spread over 85 websites,
in offices, in businesses, in local authorities, in France and internationally, manages 35 on-line employment spaces and Job Boards 24/7 (see projects).

Open technique and know-how

• LPDR Ingénierie develops recruitment solutions using open technologies from a large community of developers: PHP / MySQL / Java
these technologies guarantee our ability to innovate and develop our recruitment software ; they allow us to free our customers
from investing time and money in a restrictive technological environment : an internet connection and nothing more to access our recruitment software.

Through its projects, LPDR Ingénierie has acquired considerable knowledge :

• In accounting: our e-recruitment software functions on all hardware platforms with all internet browsers on the market.
• In data exchange interfacing through automatic XML feeds with job boards or job offer distributers.
• In connectivity with the social networks.
• In employment distribution processes on smartphones.
• In restructuring candidate databases to optimise their use.
• In creating algorithms for scoring intelligent candidates.
• In consulting to translate the integration of our recruitment and e-recruitment software into a quality and productive contribution

Contractual commitments and controlled customer costs

The integration of the RELATION RH range of recruitment and e-recruitment software is subject to a double contractual commitment :

• Commitment to offering user support with guaranteed support response times
• Commitments to internet availabilityof on-line recruitment solutions with guaranteed support response times.

The cost of our solutions is split into 2 understandable and progressive sets of expenditure :

• The fixed cost of integration set out in the specifications, comprising all of the services including implementation and training.
• An annual, variable hire cost per active user depending on the customer's level of use and index-linked to an independent index (Syntec).


  • Team - A guaranteed quick response from the team

    • LPDR Ingénierie works with internal teams and external suppliers who between them have 15 years of experience in integrating recruitment solutions.

    • This practical experience, combined with high-level technical knowledge, guarantees the successful completion of projects and quick responses to user needs.

  • Infrastructure - Guaranteed access to data

    • The hire of RELATION RH recruitment software comes with an SLA (Service Level Agreement) ; this SLA sets out LPDR Ingénierie's obligations relating to the continued access to the RELATION RH recruitment solution for customers via the internet the SLA sets out the contractual return to service time and the penalties associated with delays.

    • To guarantee this SLA, LPDR Ingénierie uses a professional host, ensuring: bandwidth, fire protection (gas extinguishing system), constant temperature, uninterruptable power supply and generator.

    • The server on which an e-recruitment solution is installed is tested 24/7 every quarter of an hour, by an external robot with SMS alert ; Servers are not shared with the host's other customers.

  • Maintenance the user support guarantee

    The professionals using our RELATION RH recruitment solutions have a maintenance contract with LPDR Ingénierie granting them access :

    • To a practical Hotline 5 days a week: this means user support with remote screen control to help the user execute a procedure, e.g. duplicating a URL link on a job board to directly gather applications.

    • To a practical Hotline 5 days a week: this means diagnosis of any malfunction, with a contractually guaranteed return to service time if the malfunction is due to the RELATION RH solution.

  • Data generated - Confidentiality and independence

    LPDR Ingénierie does not share data; each customer has a separate database from all others and the RELATION RH contracts stipulate that the database is the customer's property. LPDR Ingénierie may only handle customers' data within the scope of the maintenance contract, and LPDR Ingénierie is neither directly nor indirectly invested in any recruitment provision activity.